Power input AC100V – 240V 50hz/60hz
Light intensity 1000mw/cm2 ~ 2500mw/cm2
Net weight 278g
Dimensions 25mm x 25mm x 240mm

Available in :

Type  Supporting Glasses
Magnifying glasses loupe with frame.
Clamping Glasses
Magnifying glasses loupe with clip.
Product LED mangnifying glass w LED set xx-dj-m2 box
Description 1) This magnifying glasses with LED lamp can be used under insufficient light.
2) The angle of the lens is adjustable and interchangeable.
3) Three different magnifying glasses (1.5x, 2.5x & 3.5x) are provided to suit your needs.

Fox Ruler

It is used in the adjustment of the upper wax roller in total prostheses for determination of the occlusal (camper) & horizontal  (interpupil) plans.

Plates for Vacuum Forming Machine

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 Item Item Description Packaging
Crystal Plate 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0mm – PET-G
Bite plate (bruxism) / Base plate;
Space retainer Try-on of wax Surgical Guide
5 pcs/pkt
Crystal Plate 0.3mm – PVC
Whitening / Fluoride application tray 5 pcs/pkt
Soft Plate 1.0mm – EVA
Whitening / Fluoride application tray 10 pcs/pkt
 Soft Plate 2.0mm – EVA
Mouth protector / Miorelaxing 10 pcs/pkt
Soft (EVA-Borrachoide) 3.0mm
Mouth protector / Miorelaxing 5 pcs/pkt


Item Item Description Packaging
Anatomic Wedges Anatomic Wedges
TDV-4953 (Child)
TDV-4957C (Asst)
 100 pcs / Pkt
Interdental Wedges Interdental Wedges
TDV-4959C (Asst)
100 pcs / Pkt
Transparent Wedges Transparent Wedges
TDV-4104 (Asst)
20 pcs / Pkt
Elestic Wedges Elastic Wedges
(2mm, 2.6mm, 3.2mm)
75 asst pcs / Pkt


Item Item Description Packaging
Unimatrix Unimatrix
25 asst matrices +
1 ring
Cervical matrix Cervical Matrix
2 insts + 10 asst matrices
Tofflemire Matrices Tofflemire Matrices
Premolar : TDV – 4129
Molar : TDV – 4129
nr1o  : TDV – 4129
12 strips / Pkt


Finishing & Polishing Products

Item Item Desription Packaging
Microcut TDV-3030 Microcut
(1 frame + 1 saw blade + 1 diamond blade)
1 set / Pkt
Finishing Sandpaper Strips Approximal Finishing Sandpaper Strips
(4 mm x 170 mm)
100 Strips / Pkt
Abrasive steel strips Approximal Finishing Sandpaper Strips
TDV-3051 (4 mm x 150 mm)
TDV-3052 (6 mm x 150 mm)
12 Strips / pkt
Praxis Praxis
(1/2″ , 3/8″) (C, M, F, XF)
120 assorted sandpaper discs + mandrel
(1/2″ , 3/8″) (C, M, F, XF)
60 assorted sandpaper discs + mandrel



  • Microretentions
  • Cement removal of metal, resin and other materials crowns
  • Internal cleaning of “inlay-onlay” of resin and ceramic
  • Cleaning and degreasing of metal and ceramic when using the practice of “intra-oral ceramic repair”
  • Occlusal sandblasting for fine adjustment, replacing the use of carbon
  • Internal evidentness for adjustment and placement of crown
  • Adjustment of interproximal contacts
  • Cleaning of casting parts
  • Oxide removal