Reduction Handpiece Description Remarks
speed hp4_1 SCHD06-B4-1
Contra Angle
Reduction Handpiece 4:1
speed hp10_1 SCHD06-B10-1
Reduction Handpiece 10:1
Max 4000 rpm
90o reciprocating rotating head
Contra Angle for
Endodontic Treatment
speed hp16_1 SCHD06-B16-4
Push button
Reduction Handpiece 16:1
 Contra Angle for Implant
speed hp20_1 SCHD06-B20-2
Push button
Reduction Handpiece 20:1
 Contra Angle for Implant

What if I do not have light from my dental chair/equipment?
Introducing the Self-Generated LED 
Slowspeed Handpiece!


Contra Angle (Push button) w/ LED Self-Generator
Internal Water Channel
Ratio 1:1