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Instruments Archives - Sunny Dental Medical Supply

Rubber Dam Instruments

Code no. Item Description
SI-200-042 SI RD Clamps Forceps – Ivory lightweight – 17cm
SI-200-043 SI RD Clamps Forceps – Brewer – 17.5cm
SI-200-044 SI RD Clamps Forceps – Stoke – 17.5cm
SI-200-045 SI RD Punch Forceps – Ainsworth – 17cm
SI-200-046 SI RD Punch Forceps – Ivory – 17cm

Implant Osteotomes & Chisels

Code no. Item Description
SI-700-007 SI Osteotome Convex 2.8mm Str
SI-700-008 SI Osteotome Convex 3.5mm Str
SI-700-009 SI Osteotome Convex 4.3mm Str
SI-700-010 SI Osteotome Convex 2.8mm Angled
SI-700-011 SI Osteotome Convex 3.5mm Angled
SI-700-012 SI Osteotome Convex 4.3mm Angled
SI-700-019 SI Osteotome Concave 2.8mm Str
SI-700-020 SI Osteotome Concave 3.5mm Str
SI-700-021 SI Osteotome Concave 4.3mm Str
SI-700-021 SI Scalpel Handle Swivel 360
SI-700-022 SI Osteotome Concave 2.8mm Angled
SI-700-023 SI Osteotome Concave3.5mm Angled
SI-700-024 SI Osteotome Concave 4.3mm Angled
SI-700-031 SI Implant Chisel #31
SI-700-032 SI Implant Chisel #32
SI-700-033 SI Implant Chisel #33
SI-700-034 SI Implant Chisel #34
SI-700-035 SI Implant Chisel #35
SI-700-036 SI Implant Chisel #36
SI-700-037 SI Implant Chisel #37
CTT Implant Surgical Mallet
SI-700-044 SI Implant Bone Crusher

Packaging : 1 pc per pkt

Dental Instruments

Code no. Item Description Packaging
SI-000-001-P4 / P5 SI Mouth Mirror – Plane #4 / Plane #5 12pc/bx, 22mm
SI-000-017-P3 / P4 SI Mouth Mirror – Front Surface – #3 /
Front Surface #4
12pc/bx, 22mm
SI-000-007 SD Mouth Mirror Handle
SI-100-014 SI Tweezer – Self-Lock – Fig #1 15cm, Sharp Tip
SI-100-015 SI Tweezer – Self-Lock – Fig #2 15cm, Blunt Tip w/ groove
SI-100-017 SI Tweezer – London College – Fig #2 15cm, Sharp Tip
SI-200-114 SI Matrix Retainers – Siqveland – Narrow
SI-200-115 SI Matrix Retainers – Siqveland – Wide
SI-200-116 SI Matrix – Tofflemire – Universal
SI-025-310 SI Scalers – Fig #H6/H7
SI-025-004 SI Explorer – Fig #9
SI-125-005 / 006 SI Scissors Iris – Fig #2 (Straight / Curved) 11.5cm
SI-200-095 SI Cartridge Syringe 2.2cc (Metric / Inch)