Fox Ruler

It is used in the adjustment of the upper wax roller in total prostheses for determination of the occlusal (camper) & horizontal  (interpupil) plans.

Plates for Vacuum Forming Machine

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 Item Item Description Packaging
Crystal Plate 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0mm – PET-G
Bite plate (bruxism) / Base plate;
Space retainer Try-on of wax Surgical Guide
5 pcs/pkt
Crystal Plate 0.3mm – PVC
Whitening / Fluoride application tray 5 pcs/pkt
Soft Plate 1.0mm – EVA
Whitening / Fluoride application tray 10 pcs/pkt
 Soft Plate 2.0mm – EVA
Mouth protector / Miorelaxing 10 pcs/pkt
Soft (EVA-Borrachoide) 3.0mm
Mouth protector / Miorelaxing 5 pcs/pkt


  • Microretentions
  • Cement removal of metal, resin and other materials crowns
  • Internal cleaning of “inlay-onlay” of resin and ceramic
  • Cleaning and degreasing of metal and ceramic when using the practice of “intra-oral ceramic repair”
  • Occlusal sandblasting for fine adjustment, replacing the use of carbon
  • Internal evidentness for adjustment and placement of crown
  • Adjustment of interproximal contacts
  • Cleaning of casting parts
  • Oxide removal