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1shot CLASSIC #1 (Phoenix+Elite)


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Aligns the x-ray tube in 3 planes.

Two models is all you need for all intra oral routine x-ray images, including bitewings (BW), periapicals (PAs) and endodontic images with reamers and rubber dam in place.

NOTE: thicker sensors may be best accommodated by the ‘SUB 1shotdental system‘, OR adjust the 1shotdental holder claws as per instructions in the box.

There are 2 models in the Universal size1 1shotdental holder system – horizontal and vertical.

The Universal size1 horizontal sensor model is ideal for routine bitewing (HBW) images but it can also take periodical (PA) views (slide the imaging device up or down in the 1shot claw and adjust the x-ray tube to suit) especially wisdom tooth views or PAs and endodontic shots of the posterior/buccal teeth.

The Universal size1 vertical sensor model takes vertical bitewings (VBW) and will take all anterior and posterior (PA) views and also endodontic images with reamers and rubber dam in place, where the 1shotdental holder can be hand – finger/thumb held on the tooth.

The Universal size1 box provides you with 8 digital x-ray holders. You can choose the most suitable option.


SKU: 1SD-Classic-#1-PES-DG/Y


X-Ray Sub & Classic Holders – Placement & Alignment

Phosphorplates Sub Sensor & Removal


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