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Articulating Paper


SMKI-002: Articulating Paper – Thin Red 30um (400’s) (E224)
Top and Bottom side Red
Packing: 400sheets/box


SMKI-003: Articulating Paper – Thick Blue-Red 100um (144’s) (E232)
Top side Blue, Bottom side Red
Packing: 144sheets/box


SMKI-Promo1: Bundle Promo 5+2 Free (4-Thick, 3-Thin)
Bundle promo mixture: 4 boxes of Thick Blue-Red and 3 boxes of Thin Red


SMKI-Promo2: Bundle Promo 5+2 Free (3-Thick, 4-Thin)
Bundle promo mixture: 3 boxes of Thick Blue-Red and 4 boxes of Thin Red


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