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Being Foshan Handpiece Contra Angle Rose 202-CA(P)

E-type contra-angle handpiece 1:1 Ratio, with Internal Cooling System


* Inner water spray pipe
* Push button type, internal spray nozzle, ISO E type.


*Kavo Intramatic style. Head can be exchanged with Kavo contra angle

* Air Pressure: 245-392Kpa(2.5-4.0 kg/cm²)
* Water Pressure: 198Kpa (2kg)
* Rotation Speed: 22,000-27,000 rpm
* Chuck Type: Latch Type
* Bur Applicable: Φ2.334-2.355mm
* Noise: ≤70dB


6 Month Warranty Covered for Manufacturing Defects 


SKU: BF-202-CA(P)


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