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Denjoy Apex Locator Freepex


Denjoy Apex Locator Freepex


The 6th Generation Multi-frequency Technology :
∗ High quality update chip with real time response, powerful data analysis and stable operation.
∗ Measures in both wet or dry canal conditions with class-leading accuracy

Ergonomic Design:
∗ Different perspectives to prove the root canal
∗ Foldable body enables comfortable vision

Automatic Calibration ensures accuracy:
∗ The Calibrator can eliminate the effect of changes in temperature and moisture

3.9 inch screen display:
∗ Clear image and different color modes will indicate the trajectory of the file clearly


Included inside: 
1. Main unit                   1 pc

2  Probe cable              1 pc

3. File holder                 2 pcs

4. Stainless hook          4 pcs

5. Calibrotor                  1pc

6. Charger                    1 pc


SKU: DJ-AL-Freepex


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