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Dental Loupe 2.5x


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Galilean flip-up style loupes provide the ideal blend of a wide viewing area and a large amount of magnification.
Patented hinge system can be fully adjusted to satisfy your working position. With our loupes high definition optics, (multi-layer anti-reflection coating) you will experience the best resolution, field of vision, and depth of vision.



High quality loupes with titanium frame


Loupe Features
Model NS31
Magnification 2.5x or 3.0x or 3.5x
Working Distance 300-580mm
Field of Vision (2.5x) 125mm ; (3.0x) 110 mm; (3.5x) 100mm
Weight 34g
Barrel Colour Black
Barrel Size Ocular Dia 22mm; Ocular Length 22mm



SKU: TO-NS31-250/G


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