Dental RVG Digital X-ray Sensor

RVG x ray sensor
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Dental RVG Digital X-ray Sensor
Product Description:

Dental RVG Digital X-ray Sensor
(With software) (HDR-200)

Key Features

  • Uses new APS CMOS sensor – long life time (400,000 times)
  • USB 2.0 plug and play connectivity
  • Fast image acquisition and low radiation to the patient
  • 4,095 shades of gray that provide depth and density; 16-bit image acquisition
  • Each sensor consists of a matrix of silicon photodiodes on 22.5 x-ray photons to visible light sensed by the silicon photodiodes.
  • Ergonomically shaped with rounded edges and are housed in a thermoplastic enclosure to protect the sensor from everyday handling and cleaning.