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Function: For subgingival irrigation. It is mainly used to rinse out the residue after the subgingival treatment.

Features: For non-invasive irrigation. The water outlet is at about 1mm from the tip, which is convenient for  subgingival flushing at different areas and angles.

Use: Used in P mode of PT5. Recommended power level: level 1~5 (Please do not exceed the recommended maximum power level. Otherwise instrument fracture is easy to happen).

(1) The tip is mainly used for subgingival irrigation, and should not be used for scraping solid objects as much as possible to prevent the tip from being worn too fast and shortening the service life.

(2) In order to ensure the safety, it is recommended to firstly perform the external debugging, select debugging water volume under power level 1, ensure the water output is normal, and adjust the power within the range of power level limit.




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