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P95 Scaling Tip

  • P95 (Fits EMS)
  • PD95 (Fits Satelec)


Fits EMS and Satelec

Function: Cleaning and maintenance of implant

Size: Plastic head is of 19mm length

Features: The tip is of a slender hook shape, making it easier for subgingival cleaning and maintenance.

a. Used in P mode of Periodontal Treatment Device. Recommended power level: level 1~6.
b. Used in P mode of U600. Recommended power level: level 1~3
c. Used in P mode of U6. Recommended power level: level 1~6.

(1) The plastic part is made of PEEK material which can be disinfected under high temperature and high pressure, the
higher the power, the easier it is to wear;
(2) Avoid the tip stuck in the gap of the tooth during operation to avoid breaking the tip.


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