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Function: implant maintenance tip installed on PD40 adapter to realize the cleaning and maintenance of dental implants.

Plastic head length: 21mm

Feature: The tip is of a slender hook shape, making it easier to clean and maintain in subgingival part.

The tip end is twice bent, so it does not touch the adjacent teeth and buccal surface, enabling wider application areas.

Used in P mode of Periodontal Treatment Device; recommended power level: level 1~5
Used in P mode of U600; recommended power level: level 1~2
Used in P mode of U6; recommended power level: level 1~4
Used in P mode of ordinary scalers; recommended power level: low (level 1~3)

(1) The plastic part is made of autoclavable PEEK material. The higher the power, the easier it is to wear.
(2) Avoid the tip stuck in the gap of the tooth during operation to prevent breaking the tip.
(3) Before use, please make sure that the water output of handpiece is normal, and then install the tip to avoid damage to the tip.




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