X-Ray Sensor Barrier Envelope

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X-Ray Sensor Barrier Envelope
Product Description:

X-Ray Sensor Barrier Envelope

Protect your investment in digital imaging technology with our unique barrier envelopes, designed to fit all Dentsply, Kodak, Sirona and Air Techniques phosphor plates. Our envelopes feature a new tear-away thumb-notch opening that makes it easy to remove plates for processing. Made of soft, supple vinyl with rounded corners to maximize patient comfort.

Available in :

  •  Env #0
    Code: SDMS-PPBE00-H-Tear
  • Env #1
    Code: SDMS-PPBE01-H-Tear
  • Env #2
    Code: SDMS-PPBE02-H-Tear

Packaging : 100’s per Pkt