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SOCO Handpiece Contra-Angle (H20) C-Groove 1:5

2 Options:

  • With LED
  • Without LED


C-shaped groove water outlet design, stable and concentrated water outlet increasing cooling effect
The 4-fold gear structure is optimized, and the overall service life is increased by more than 90% compared to the old model
The front-end design with 4 sanitary holes reduces the risk of dirt entering the machine head and effectively extends the life of the machine head
Arc-shaped illumination angle design, increasing illumination concentration. The illumination at the front of the handpiece bur is increased by 100%
Product Specifications:
  • Chuck type: Push Button
  • Spray method: 4 Points Water Spray
  • Bur Applicable: Ø1.6mm
  • Rotation speed: 200,000rpm

  • Fiber Optic: SC-SCHBZ5-B5-4
  • Non Fiber Optic: SC-SCHBZ5-B5-5


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