Sterilization Reels

Sterilization reels
Sterilization Reels
Product Description:
  • Manufactured from medical grade paper with external process indicators that change color when exposed to specific temperature;
  • Convenient, economical way to package instruments use only length necessary;
  • Blue-lint laminate easily identified if film has been comprised due to punctures and/or tears;
  • Compatible with steam and ETO ¬†sterilization agents;
  • Wide range of standard sizes allows optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each item.


  1. 55mm x 200m
    Code : SDMS-SR-001
  2. 75mm x 200m
    Code : SDMS-SR-002
  3. 100mm x 200m
    Code : SDMS-SR-003
  4. 150mm x 200m
    Code : SDMS-SR-004
  5. 200mm x 200m
    Code : SDMS-SR-005