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TDV Elastic Wedges

4 Options Available:
  • TDV Elastic Wedges – 75 assorted pieces (3 sizes)
  • TDV Elastic Wedges – 25 pieces x 2mm (Green)
  • TDV Elastic Wedges – 25 pieces x 2.6mm (Yellow)
  • TDV Elastic Wedges – 25 pieces x 3.2mm (Blue)


Features and Benefits

– Acts simultaneously on both, lingual and vestibular side, providing a perfect adjustment of the matrix to the tooth

– Promote a separation without harming the gingiva, more comfort to the patient

– Easiness reconstruction of the contact points

– Easy and quick system for the dentist

– Available in 3 sizes codified by colors, to be chosen according to the cervical-occlusal height of the proximal box:

Green – 2,0 mm: Indicated for deep cavities

Yellow – 2,6 mm: Indicated for medium cavities

Blue – 3,2 mm: Indicated for conservative cavities




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