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Ultrasonic Cleaner


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A full set including:

  • 1×ultrasonic cleaner
  • 1×SUS cleaning basket
  • 1×SUS lid
  • 1×power cord
  • 1×English user manual
  • 1×carton box

Application Range:

  • Household filed
    (clean jewelry, glass ,watch, dentures, fruit and vegetables, baby bottle and toys, tableware,cosmetic brush …)
  • Laboratory filed
    (clean test tube, beaker, other lab apparatus…)
  • Medical and dental clinic
    (dental hand piece, dental needle , dental drill,false tooth ,forceps…)
  • Industrial filed
    (clean engine parts, injector,air cylinder, mould , blind window, PCB board, hardware, screw and nut, bullet shell …)
Model TUC-65
Ultrasonic Power(W)-Max 180
Ultrasonic Power setting-% 10%-100%

(step by 10%)

Heating Power(W)-Max 200
Capacity (L)-Max 6.5
Tank Size(L*W*H)-MM 300*150*150
External Size(L*W*H)-MM 330*180*310
Transducer Qty(PCS) 3
Drain Valve(Yes or No) Yes
Carrying Handle(Yes or No) Yes
Ultrasonic Freq(KHz) 40
Temperature Setting(℃)-Max 60
Timer Setting(MINS) 1-99
Cleaning Basket(Yes or No) Yes



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