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E62 Scaling Tip

  • E62 (EMS)
  • ED62 (Satelec)


Fits EMS and Satelec

Function: Used for irrigation of root canal after root canal preparation.

Dimensions: Ô0.3mm; taper 0%. Working part length: 16mm


Features: Minimally invasive irrigation; the surface of working part is smooth, with cutting ability, effectively avoiding the root canal shape from being destroyed, bringing safer operation.


Irrigating operation: Put the irrigating tip into the root canal, try to keep the needle unstressed, start the device for 20 seconds and then stop to clean the root canal. Generally, a root canal needs to be irrigated 3×20 seconds.


Recommended service life: 30 ~ 50 root canals




(1) In order to ensure the service life of the tip, it is recommended to use it according to the recommended method: first perform the external debugging, start the foot pedal under power level 1, ensure the water output is normal, and adjust the power within the power level limit (level 1~3) according to individual need to ensure that the water output can reach the tip end (the water can reach the tip end through adjusting water volume). After all the above steps, start root canal irrigation.


(2) During irrigation, in order to avoid instrument fracture, please prevent tip from getting stuck and vibrating in
root canal.









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