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Avalon Biomed NeoSealer Flo (2.2 gm) (with 20 Flex Flo Tips)

NeoSEALER® Flo is a bioactive bioceramic root canal sealer with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to support the healing process. Unlike conventional sealers, NeoSEALER Flo is biocompatible, antimicrobial1, dimensionally stable and RESIN-FREE.

Dental Advisor 2022 Top Award • Endodontic Sealer • NeoSEALER® Flo is a hit!


NeoSEALER Flo is packaged with our exclusive Flex Flo Tips™ to minimize product waste by 81% at no additional cost.



  • Obturation and sealing of root canals.

Features & Benefits

Formulated With More Bioactive Cement Than Original Bioceramic Sealer2

  • NeoSEALER Flo is thoughtfully designed to promote setting and maximize bioactivity.
  • Promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite on the surface to seal and support healing through the release of calcium and hydroxide ions.
  • Biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, non-genotoxic, initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro1.

Optimized for both warm vertical and single cone obturation techniques

  • Streamline your inventory with one product suitable for both warm vertical and single cone obturation techniques for maximum efficiency and savings.


  • Resin-free for maximum bioactivity and biocompatibility.


  • Won’t discolor teeth – EVER. NaOCI won’t cause discoloration.

Dimensionally stable

  • Unlike resin-based sealers, NeoSEALER Flo is dimensionally stable.

High pH

  • Initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro1.

1NeoSEALER Flo is initially high in pH (alkaline/basic) when applied. Literature has shown such products to be antimicrobial in-vitro.
The anti-microbial effect against enterococcus faecalis and the compressive strength of two types of mineral trioxide aggregate mixed with sterile water or 2% chlorhexidine liquid.
Holt DM, Watts JD, Beeson TJ, Kirkpatrick TC, Rutledge RE. J Endod. 2007 Jul;33(7):844-7.

2 NeoSEALER Flo contains 6% more bioactive cement by weight compared to EndoSequence BC Sealer (in-house data obtained through XRD analysis)



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