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Peeso Reamers

The diameter of the working part can be: 0.7 mm (№ 1), 0.9 mm (№ 2), 1.1 mm (№ 3), 1.3 mm (№ 4), 1.5 mm (№ 5) and 1.7 mm (№ 6). The tool is marked with the appropriate number of rings on the shank.


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    • Machine cutting endodontic tool with a spiral thread of the working part, consisting of a shank, with which the tool is fixed in an angled tip, a long rod and an elongated shape of the working part with a non-aggressive tip.


    • The tool has a blunt top, however, the tool has a fairly pronounced cutting ability.


    • It is used for the development of the straight part of the channel, opening the mouth, preparation of the channel for the installation of pins, removal of filling material from the first third of the channel.


    • Made of high quality stainless steel by turning from a cast billet.




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