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Sealing Machine (Bar type)


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The YY-JF-01 type medical sealing machine adopts PTC constant temperature heating sheet, constant temperature, suitable for paper-plastic composite packing bag. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, stable performance, beautiful appearance, safe operation, low repair rate, and so on. Continuous use of preheating keeps the heater from damage due to frequent interruptions and reduces the waiting time.


Technical Parameter:

Power Supply Voltage: AC220V + 10%50Hz

Maximum Impact Current: 7A


Usage method:

Open the packing box to check whether the machine is intact, whether the screws are loose or not, and repeatedly slip the paper cutter to confirm that no mechanical internal damage is caused during transportation.

Switch on the power, preheat for 3 minutes, take the paper through the heating belt, press the upper-pressure beam down for 1-3 seconds, lift up the upper-pressure beam, then take out the seal and then carry out the next operation.


Size and Weight:

Size: 370mm x 132mm x 180mm

Weight : 2.1kg

While working, please do not touch any metal parts in the enclosure to prevent scalding.


Packing box list:

1x Sealing Machine

1x Power Cable

1x User Manual



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